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Alison Rose Levy is a much-published writer with 20+ years experience creating communications for major media, focusing on integrative health, lifestyle, yoga, psychology, and spiritual transformation in such publications as O Magazine, Organic Style, Alternative Therapies, The Townsend Newsletter, Yoga Journal, Body and Soul, Spirituality & Health, Healing Lifestyles and Spas, Body, Mind, Spirit, and First for Women.

Alison has written several New York Times bestsellers, working with physicians and medical experts. She also served as Senior Health Editor of New Age Journal, and was Executive Producer for Trinity Church Wall Street, developing health programming for the Odyssey Channel and producing The Real Bottom Line, a weekly issues program that aired on Odyssey and was hosted by Jim Hartz. That show featured such prominent guests as Dr. Larry Dossey, Dr. Bernie Siegel, and Professor Robert Thurman. Formerly creating prime-time magazine coverage for CBS News, Alison worked with Charles Kuralt, Ed Bradley, and Deborah Norville and was special editor to Bill Geist. Alison has also produced prime-time cultural and news specials for PBS and the Smithsonian Institution.

Alison’s work as a health journalist has familiarized her with the science (and art) of integrative medicine, the issues of public policy impacting health care, and the differing philosophies, values, and perspectives of both integrative and conventional medicine. In addition, Alison has broad familiarity and training in a wide range of integrative approaches, and has interviewed a wide range of the most prominent physicians and practitioners who offer and teach them.

A New York native, Alison also draws upon her wealth of health knowledge in her practice as a Lifestyle Coach and facilitator of Family Constellations.

Since 1990, I’ve been writing, reporting, and contemplating the manifold dimensions of health in bestselling books, national magazine articles, blogs, TV and radio programs, and websites. Please share your questions and concerns with me at follow me on Facebook, or twitter or sign up as a fan to get my Huffington Post blogs here

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